Designs for Social Media Platforms

Here are some of the design examples used at appreciate for social media marketing. Although I helped with ideation and designing assets, most of the credit goes to the art director Bonnie Mounier and the social media director Grace Collora

Celebrity Wallets

One of the campaigns we created for promoting the appreciate app was “Celebrity Wallet”. In addition to desktop formats used for in-person interactive events, we also had Pinterest and Instagram collaterals showcasing celebrities and influencer’s Appreciate wallets. 

#tagyourbag Campaign 

This campaign was an ambitious idea to create individual hashtags for popular bags and rederect them to different Appreciate-owned Instagram and pinterest accounts.

Profile Photos

Some of the bags used for the campaign

Twitter Space 

Appreciate hosted weekly Twitter Space with different guests, mostly people with successful career’s in the field. 

Holiday Gift Guide 

Appreciate version of the holiday gift guide for 2023.

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