Unboxing Prototype

I was asked to create a futuristic vision of what our unboxing video would look like in a digital context. Below are two flow designs for two different perspectives: one from the gift purchaser's point of view and one from the gift receiver's point of view. I also made some changes to the interface to showcase the potential of our future collaborations with OpenSea. 

Purchaser POV


  1. A user purchased an NFT through OpenSea (added an extra button to their UI for sending gifts.) After the purchase user needs to add their information and also pick a return to sender date. If the gift receipient doesn’t claim the gift by the chosen time, NFT will be sent back to the purchaser instead.

  2. User receives a confirmation email post-purchase that allows them to see the purchaised NFT. There will be a CTA in the email that gives them an ability to go back to OpenSea and purchase other NFTs.

Gift Recipient 


  1. A user would receive an email relaying that they just received an NFT as a gift, with an associated CTA

  2. The CTA opens up a static location (splash page) with the digital unboxing of the NFT

  3. A CTA opens up a page that allows the user to enter their Metamask credentials (since they weren’t part of the initial transaction, they need to log in to claim the gift)

  4. They can see and access their new NFT in their appreciate wallet

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